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A core pillar of the work that Inclusion@Lloyd’s delivers is the development of tools and resources for use by charter signatories, managers and individuals looking to create a more diverse and inclusive culture both in their organisations and in the broader insurance sector.

These toolkits provide practical steps of tried and tested policies and practices based on what has worked for others in companies of different sizes and at different stages on their Inclusion journey.

5 steps to diversity & inclusion

This booklet is a straightforward blueprint that is a great starting point or an inspiring refresher if you are already on the journey. It includes the following five steps as a guide to assist your business in achieving its D&I goals:

Other Toolkits


To supplement the 5 Steps Guide, I@L developed the Lloyd’s Scorecard, outlining how to build a clear picture of diversity & inclusion in the business using key data points to record gender balance and other key D&I indicators.

Download scorecard

Inclusive Hiring Workshops

To better understand the big-picture context outside their own organisations, users can access a bank of case studies and external data with real-time access to online expertise and ask case-specific questions of a panel of expert organisations.


Learning Videos

Circa 100 short films delivering bite-sized D&I know-how and inspiration from leaders, inspirational speakers, subject matter experts and celebrities.

Vimeo channel